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Busy Time

Good Morning oops Good Afternoon,

I almost forgot that it is Tuesday.

I have been busy this week continuing setting up a new shop for my patterns and have nearly finished adding all the products, it does take such a long time. Still have some of my older patterns to alter from the old computer in publisher to new Pages on the Mac. Lots of work goes on behind closed doors…  everything needs altering…….. crocheting needs to be finished.

All of the Parts to the CAL 2016 are in the shop,  all on one page CAL 2016

I don’t know how you feel about computers but I find that I can only work all morning sitting at mine, then need a break in the afternoons, crocheting, typing on my laptop or taking photographs.

So much to do and so little time I don’t know how it seems to go so fast these days, are our hours getting shorter?


I have just brought a bag containing samples down from the loft. What a variety of things I have done over the years…



I received a box of yarn that I ordered to work the new  Scheepjes CAL 2017 – Hygge  it looks fabulous I can’t wait to start, it is due to start on the 15th February


They are such lovely colours, so you see I am not only addicted to working my own designs I love to work other designers patterns as well….

Happy Days

Alison xx




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New website is now online


The shop section of this site is now open 🙂 You can now buy my PDF patterns online, more will be added soon.  I sell patterns for bags, blankets, toys and more.  I am currently working on a new blanket pattern which I can’t wait to share with you.  Please let me know if you have any questions or problems during the ordering process.


New Website
New Website
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News Update

Good Morning,

Lovely bright frosty morning this morning.

This week my daughter gave me her partworks Crochet collection to finish!! hmm to start really….. she only had 3 squares started, so that has been this weeks work to try to get it up to date, unfortunately there are 71 issues so far, I have managed to get 32 squares finished. It makes a change for me to follow someone else instructions, I am enjoying making them. It gives me an opportunity to see how other people write their instructions and to try different yarns, I don’t like the acrylic yarn that has come with the instructions as much as Stylecraft’s Special DK.

Stylecraft is so much softer.


The Art of Crochet
The Art of Crochet


Website news

We have been very busy building a new website and organising a shop to sell downloads.

I hope that this will be ready soon. I was very surprised at how many designs I have actually done, all of them need to be added to the new products pages.

Oh joy, that is my job and I am so slow at adding things. I have to check and double check and I still get it wrong…….  🙁

New Doll

Wisteria, a new doll is now ready for selling these are the colours that I have used for her.

Emperor, Wisteria, Soft Peach, Mocha and Lime, these colours are available in my wool store Wool to Your Door

Stylecraft Special Double Knitting is £1.70 a ball

Her pattern is available for sale as a PDF Pattern on Etsy and costs £2.40


New Blanket

Update on my new blanket it has been slow progress. So far I have 4 panels finished, the last panel has taken a while to do because I have worked from a chart.

This needed to be entered into a graph so that you will be able to follow the pattern. Another process for me to learn.

I think that I may do 6 panels, the next one I plan to start today, because Phil is out this evening.

Pattern editing awaits, I must not procrastinate any longer, I could stop here blogging it is much easier.


Happy crocheting

Ali xxx

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Free Flower Pattern


This is repost from my old blog but it has been such a popular pattern I wanted to share it again.

Free Flower Pattern
Free Flower Pattern

3 colours of Double knitting yarn and 5.00 hook

Changing colour on every round

  1. Ch.4, work 11tr. into 4th ch from hook, ss. to join in 3rd ch. at beginning (12sts)
  2. 3ch., 1tr. in same place as ss. to join, 2tr. in each tr., ss. to join in top of ch. at start
  3. ss. into 1st tr., ss. into space between trs., 1ch., 1dc. in same place *2ch., miss 2tr., 1dc. in space before next st., rep from * ending 2ch., ss. to join in 1st dc.
  4. ss. into ch. space and work (1dc., 5tr., 1dc.) all in ch. space rep ( ) in each space ss. to join in 1st dc.

Fasten off

ch. – Chain
dc. – Double crochet
dk. – Double crochet
rep. – Repeat
sp. – Space
ss. – Slip Stitch
st. – Stitch
tr. – Treble

Hope you enjoy this pattern it could be used in many different ways. Let me know if you make anything with it.

Alison x


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Welcome to the new home of Crochet Chat Corner.  I feel that site was getting a bit outdated so wanted a fresh start that is integrated with my new website.  I will be slowly posting some of the older posts which have been really popular on the old blog so they don’t get lost but also adding lots of new fresh content and patterns.

I am currently having to learn how to use WordPress for this site so please be patient whilst I figure it all out.

Crochet Chat Corner Screen Shot
Crochet Chat Corner Screen Shot