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It is all about the bags

Good Morning

Lovely spring day today, bright and sunny, daffodils out in the garden……  Hope this is a sign winter is over.

Last week I had interest from some of you about the bag I made for my Grandsons Stickman.

The pattern is now available click the link below. It has not been tested properly so please let me know if you have any problems.





Crochet Bag




I thought that this morning I would show you some of my favourite patterns. I love buying bags and making bags. I have a cupboard full of bags, mostly with WIPs ( work in progress) inside, with some people it is shoes with me it is bags !!!!

Over the years I have bought hundreds and made many more. I must have cleared at least 20 proper handbags from the loft last week to send to  my friend who needed them for a charity.

My 2 favourite bags that I have designed are Holiday Handbag and Flora Bag.









Holiday Handbag                                            Flora Bag


I also love sewing bags and have a drawer full of kits ready to be made up.








Some of the sewn bags










I also have 4 crochet doll patterns which each have a child size bag and a doll sized bag

They are from a collection called Seasons dolls

Spring/ Anna , Summer/ Blossom , Autumn/ Marigold and Winter/ Persephone









Happy days

I love sunshine and crocheting

Ali xxx

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Easy Easter Chick


I thought I would repost this free pattern that was on my old blog two years ago.  It is a simple crochet pattern for an Easter Chick. You will need oddments of double knitting yarn and a 4.00 hook.

Easter Chick
Easter Chick
  •          Using only oddments of double knitting yarn in yellow and orange
  •          Black embroidery thread for eyes
  •          4.00 hook
  •          Small amount of stuffing


Starting with yellow yarn and 4.00 hook

  1. Ch2., 6dc. into 2nd ch. from hook, ss. to join in 1st dc.
  2. 1ch., work 2dc. in each st., ss. to join in 1st dc. (12sts)
  3. 1ch., *1dc. in next dc., 2dc. in next st., rep from * to end ss. to join in 1st dc.


  1. 1ch., *1dc. in next 2dc., 2dc. in next dc. rep. from * from* ending ss. to join in 1st. dc.


  1. 1ch., * 1dc. in next st. rep from * ending ss. to join in 1st dc.
  2. to 8. As round 5
  3. and 10. 1ch., * 1dc. in next 2dc., miss 1dc., rep from * ending ss. to join in 1st dc.

Leaving a long end fasten off.

Stuff the chicken and gather up the opening

Easter Chick
Easter Chick


Make 2 in yellow

4ch., 2tr. in 4th ch. from hook, 3ch. ss. to join in 4th ch. where tr. were worked (starting ch.) Fasten



Make 2 in orange

  1. 3ch., 2tr. in 3rd ch. from hook
  2. 1ch., turn, 1ss. and 1tr., in 1st st., (ss. into next st., 1tr. in same place,) rep. ( ) once more working in top of 3ch. ss. to join in same place. Fasten off

Beak in orange

ch.2, 5dc. in 2nd ch. from hook ss. to join in 1st dc. Fasten off

Free PDF version of this pattern Easy Easter Chick.

ch. = Chain
dc. = Double Crochet
rep. = Repeat
ss. = Slip Stitch
st. = Stitches
tr. = Treble

©Ali Crafts Designs

February 2014

This pattern is the property of A. Walker and an original design

Please do not copy or publish without permission

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Crochet Bag


I have been asked by one of my ladies if I had a pattern for the crochet bag that I made for my Grandson’s Stickman Toys, I did not have one so have just quickly made one up this morning. I have not had time to test it so I am sorry if there are any typing errors. Please let me know if you find one….

Crochet Bag
Crochet Bag









If you prefer to read the pattern here, here it is

Crochet Bag Pattern

Materials Required

Oddments of Double Knitting yarn

5.50 hook

Using the yarn double and changing colour after a few rows

  1. Ch.4, work 11tr. into 4th ch. from hook, ss. to join in 3rd ch.  (12 sts)
  2. 3ch., 1tr. in same place as ss., 2tr. in each tr. to end.  (24 sts)
  3. 3ch., 1tr. in same place as ss., * 1tr. in next tr., 2tr. in next tr. rep. from * to end.  ( 36 sts)
  4. 3ch., 1tr. in same place as ss., * 1tr. in next 2tr., 2tr. in next tr. rep. from * to end.   ( 48 sts)
  5. 3ch., 1tr. in same place as ss., * 1tr. in next 3tr., 2tr. in next tr. rep. from * to end.  ( 60 sts)
  6. 3ch., 1tr. in same place as ss., * 1tr. in next 4tr., 2tr. in next tr. rep. from * to end.  ( 72 sts)
  7. 3ch., 1tr. in same place as ss., * 1tr. in next 5tr., 2tr. in next tr. rep. from * to end.  ( 84 sts)
  8. 3ch., 1tr. in same place as ss., * 1tr. in next 6tr., 2tr. in next tr. rep. from * to end.  ( 96 sts)
  9. 3ch., work 1tr. in each tr., ending ss. to join in 3rd ch.
  10. 3ch., 1tr. in each tr. ending ss. to join in 3rd ch.
  11. to 25. 3ch., 1tr. in each tr. ending ss. to join in 3rd ch.
  12. Work 1 round of ss. into each stitch to finish the top, Fasten off.

Make 2 lengths of chain approx. 120cms each fold your bag in half and weave one chain through the last row of tr. starting at the right hand side all the way round weaving from front to back round the stitches, tie ends together and trim. The second one needs to be woven from the left hand side all the way round weaving in and out round the stitches from back to front so that they lie the other side of the stitches from the 1st length of chain. Tie the ends together and trim.
Please check out my new website for Yarns.

©Ali Crafts Designs
March 2017

This pattern is the property of A Walker and is an original design

Please do not copy the patterns for friends, or use for teaching or post on any website on the internet, this infringes copyright laws. Thank you. You may link to my site via


Good Luck

Ali xxx

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Crochet WIPs

Good morning

I think that Spring is on its way at last, there are snowdrops in the garden and the bulbs are starting to show as well. Today is bright and a little cool and I still feel like getting lots of jobs finished. I have decided to go through all my WIP ( works in progress ) bags that have been shelved for one reason or another. In order that I will do this I have been setting myself targets i.e. clear 1 bag and finish what is in it or rewind the wool to be used again. It seems to be working.

Firstly I have finished the Stickman family and a bag to keep them in.


Then I found a doll that has been packed away for a least 2 years, I think I must have run out of ideas to finish her and my brain seems to be working this week. So here she is,

Apple Turnover


Now all that needs to be done is typing up the instructions, not my favourite job at all, I am a very slow at typing, although I was taught how to type properly years ago I only use about 5 fingers these days.


Also there is a blanket made with squares so that is being worked on now.


Perhaps my brain is working again because I have started to clear out the house loft, it was so bad that I could not get anything else up there. I have been clearing at least 3 bags or boxes every day. Why do we keep so much???? There were papers from 1990 for goodness sake, they only needed shredding…… a tidy and clear house must make my brain work. I must keep it up.


This week has also been one for adding the rest of the wool to my Wool to your door store. hurrah it is all there now, I only have the hooks to add next week.


Hope you are all getting time to crochet, if you have any pictures of items you have made using my patterns, I would love to see the colours you have used, and to know where you live or where the item was sent. I know that lots of my designs have been bought in Canada, USA and Australia but have no idea of the States or towns..

The internet is an amazing thing to be able to bring together people from all over the world.


Thanks for reading

Alison xxxx


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Busman’s Holiday

Good morning

The weather this week has been dark and dismal and cold, although today looks a little brighter it is frosty on my car….brrr….

This week has been what we call a busman’s holiday, a busman’s holiday is a vacation or day off from work, spent in an activity closely resembling one’s work, such as a bus driver taking a long drive.

So this week I have finished the Stick man and lady as well as continued with my Daughters crochet squares from the Art of Crochet partwork. Part one is now completed and part two is ready for joining squares together. It is a very colourful blanket, I am still enjoying making the squares, it has been nice to not have to think about what to do and write the instructions myself.


My next project Scheepjes CAL 2017 which starts tomorrow, I can’t wait for it to start, even though I have to shelve them sometimes, I love to try different things and it may take me a couple of years to finish this one. I have to put these projects to one side when I get a design in my head that needs to be worked out, typed up or even just finished.



I also forgot to show you the magazines that I bought from Bratislava, I love to try and find some from everywhere I go so that I can see what the rest of the world is doing, these have some lovely Christmas decorations and mats. I always chose the magazines with charts because these are universal and I don’t need to follow the written instructions. If you have not tried following a chart because it looks too difficult you really should give it a go. I think that it is easier because you can see what you are supposed to be making. I think Filetove hackovani sounds much more romantic than crochet. Translated I think that means Filet Crochet but I really am just guessing.

I have also been adding wool to the new wool shop we have changed from one web provider to another and everything needed adding again. So please keep checking back if what you wanted was not there. It may be now……

Later today I will be adding more free patterns to the website, please keep checking to see if you have missed any from the old blog….

Happy Days

Alison xxx

Ali Crafts Designs and Wool to your door

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Weekend Fun


I have not had a really productive week this week. On Thursday evening Phil and I went with our friends to a hotel near Leeds Bradford Airport to fly to Bratislava early on Friday morning.

We landed about 9.30 to fog and snow !!!!! and I don’t like snow. This is a picture of a very misty Danube.

Our hotel was lovely, the staff were wonderful and it was fairly near the old town, Castle and UFO !!!!  more about that later.


I found this lovely shop on the first morning with the traditional embroidery of Slovakia and some crochet….. unfortunately it was not open at all over the weekend, I went back to look again before we left on Monday.

Now back to UFO…

This is a restaurant and viewing tower built on a bridge over the river.

Obviously they are expecting more than one to land.

Here it is, it was most peculiar going up in the lift because it went up the sloping leg on an angle, I have no idea how that works.

And the view from the top.

The view was amazing on the evening when we went back for a meal, the meal was lovely and the lights over the town fabulous although when we sat down the  mist was so thick we could not even see the Castle.

Sorry about the picture the reflection from the sloping glass made it very difficult to get a good one, Phil went up to the viewing platform so I will post more pictures next week. As we were leaving the waiter brought 4 little bags each containing a breakfast muffin.


Finally super hot chocolate with expresso and ice cream, The Blue Church and the steps going up to the Castle, unfortunately the steps were closed while we were there.

Happy Days

Alison xxxx