Month: March 2017

Mothers Day, Quilting and Frogging my crochet

Morning everyone, I hope that you are all well this morning. Weather Report I think the best thing is to get this over with, it is not a great start to the day today. I can’t see across to the hills from our bedroom, it is misty…..  and cloudy….. and dark….. WIPs On a much […]

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Knitting and WIP

Good Morning, Very busy day for me today, I have a check up at the dentists and do a bit of shopping, home for lunch and then later back out again to go to the hairdressers for a colour and a trim. Not much time left for computer work today, because I like to crochet […]

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America, Flowers and Blankets

Hello again hello, For those of you of a certain age you will probably remember the song those words are from. I have just been watching the Jazz Singer staring Neil Diamond, there are a few lovely songs in the film. It is really dated now, the hairstyles were awful in the 80s. I do […]

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Is it Spring?

Good Morning, Is it Spring? my Grandson asked last weekend, I had to say not quite but it won’t be long. Its only 8.30 here and the ironing is done, the next jobs are blog and some serious typing to catch up with pattern instructions. My youngest daughter is a slave driver, “lets do this […]

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