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A quiet week


Weather report

Another dull grey Tuesday morning here but the sun is supposed to be out later ūüôā

Quiet week

I have had a quiet week this week, sorting out paperwork, website and orders.  It is amazing how little jobs can take longer than expected.  I have also been helping Louise with a few jobs and school runs with her husband having a broken arm.

Louise’s Blanket

Louise has finished her version of the Louise’s Blanket pattern. ¬†She has finished the blanket off with a simple border in Stylecraft Special DK¬†Lipstick. ¬†It is such a colourful blanket I think the simple block of colour around the edge finishes the blanket off really well.

Louise's Blanket
Louise’s Blanket

Daphne’s Diary

I have been reading the magazine, Daphne’s Diary this week. ¬†It is a lovely magazine with lots of ideas and inspiration. It is not crochet related but has lots of beautiful illustrations and photographs on a number of different subjects.

Daphne Diary
Daphne Diary

Take care,



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Holidays, blankets and patterns

Good Morning,


Weather Report

Not too bad a start today, sunny for once I hope that it stays for a while. Snow was forecast but it looks pretty good out there.


Update on blankets

The Caron Cakes blanket is finished, pattern still in progress and the Stylecraft new colours one, is almost done.

Lockton Squares
Lockton Squares

I thought that I had not done a free pattern for some time so here are the instructions for the square that I used for the Lockton blanket. There are not instructions for borders or the blanket just how to make the squares.  I hope you like this one..

If you would like to use the same colours for this one I will be making a pack available on Wool to your Door.

It has not been tested so you will all be my testers,

Pdf download from here Lockton Squares if you have any problems please message me and I will try to help.



We had a week away last week staying in a cottage in Lockton, a village not far from Whitby. We had an eventful week, our son in law broke his arm on Easter Monday and we had a terrible journey to take him to hospital in Scarborough. Then we needed to bring his car home and our second car back so that we could get everyone home on the Friday. We all still had a nice time and our grandsons managed to fit in trips on the miniature railway and the Sea Life centre in Scarborough. We also visited some gardens at a house near Pickering. As you can see Louise and I planned to crochet while we were away.


Wool to your Door

I am starting to add printed patterns to the shop, which I will send out in the post, this is because I just realised that not everyone has a printer. I am afraid that they will cost more than the PDF downloads. Printed pattern are here.

The PDF downloads will still be available here on Ali Crafts Designs as well.


Naming Patterns

I have great difficulty in naming my designs sometimes it can take a while  for something to pop into my head and for others the name can come first even before I have worked a stitch.

As you will see from the latest pattern name I usually name blankets from some of the places that I have visited. Dolls and scarves have girls names unfortunately there are not many boy names that I have used, apart from Fred Bear and his family of bears and Milo with his sister Millie. Even the groom does not have a name he is just Groom !!!! :} ¬†Crochet is not really a medium that is suited to boys and men apart from scarves, baby jackets ¬†and some toys. Although when I was looking online the other day I found a pair of mens shorts……… noooooo……… that should not be done in my crochet world.


Thank you for reading my blog,

Talk again next week

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Ali xxx

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Crochet WIPs

Good morning

I think that Spring is on its way at last, there are snowdrops in the garden and the bulbs are starting to show as well. Today is bright and a little cool and I still feel like getting lots of jobs finished. I have decided to go through all my WIP ( works in progress ) bags that have been shelved for one reason or another. In order that I will do this I have been setting myself targets i.e. clear 1 bag and finish what is in it or rewind the wool to be used again. It seems to be working.

Firstly I have finished the Stickman family and a bag to keep them in.


Then I found a doll that has been packed away for a least 2 years, I think I must have run out of ideas to finish her and my brain seems to be working this week. So here she is,

Apple Turnover


Now all that needs to be done is typing up the instructions, not my favourite job at all, I am a very slow at typing, although I was taught how to type properly years ago I only use about 5 fingers these days.


Also there is a blanket made with squares so that is being worked on now.


Perhaps my brain is working again because I have started to clear out the house loft, it was so bad that I could not get anything else up there. I have been clearing at least 3 bags or boxes every day. Why do we keep so much???? There were papers from 1990 for goodness sake, they only needed shredding…… a tidy and clear house must make my brain work. I¬†must keep it up.


This week has also been one for adding the rest of the wool to my Wool to your door store. hurrah it is all there now, I only have the hooks to add next week.


Hope you are all getting time to crochet, if you have any pictures of items you have made using my patterns, I would love to see the colours you have used, and to know where you live or where the item was sent. I know that lots of my designs have been bought in Canada, USA and Australia but have no idea of the States or towns..

The internet is an amazing thing to be able to bring together people from all over the world.


Thanks for reading

Alison xxxx