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Workshops, Blankets and Weather

Hello¬†Again I can’t believe that it is Tuesday already, January is halfway through hopefully with some better days to come. Weather report It is a lot brighter start this morning and although the dreaded word SNOW has been mentioned we don’t have any yet…. The last few days have been wet dismal and dark, it […]

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Rain, Parcels and Progress

Hi Weather report Miserable again, it is raining and very dull, not too warm either…… I have been in the garage this morning trying to make some space for an electrician to come and put up a light and add some new plugs. It really is a mess, it looks like the local charity shops […]

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America, Flowers and Blankets

Hello again hello, For those of you of a certain age you will probably remember the song those words are from. I have just been watching the Jazz Singer staring Neil Diamond, there are a few lovely songs in the film. It is really dated now, the hairstyles were awful in the 80s. I do […]

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