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grape square

Snow, Christmas Baubles and Grapes

Hello Good Morning   Weather Report Cloudy start and hopefully another bright day, we had our first snow last Thursday, there was quite a lot of it luckily it did not stay too long. We don’t want any more!!!!!! it caused chaos.   Competition :::Check back again on Wednesday for our new competition ::: Sneaky […]

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Flowers, bags and blanket

Hello Weather Report It is a fine start to the morning, we are supposed to have showers though later in the day. Free Pattern I thought today that I would share with you a new pattern that I designed when we bought the Caron Cake yarns for the shop, they are lovely balls of Aran […]

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NEC, news and jobs

Good morning I can’t believe that it is Tuesday again already, the days and weeks are flying by so quickly, is that a sign of growing old, I don’t know. It just feels that I have lots to do and not time to fit it all in.   The Weather report  It does not look […]

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Washing, weather and WIPs

Hello Super day for crochet ; ) Weather Report What a beautiful start to the day today, the sun was shining early, I have managed to get a full line of washing out for the first time. I have had a busy morning, popped down to the doctors early for a blood test, came back […]

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Holiday and Harris Tweed

Good Morning Raining this morning, we have not had lots of rain for a while, you would think that the weather knew that I had been away last week and have lots of washing to do..   Holiday Phil and I have been away with our friend last week for a photography trip, we stayed […]

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Mothers Day, Quilting and Frogging my crochet

Morning everyone, I hope that you are all well this morning. Weather Report I think the best thing is to get this over with, it is not a great start to the day today. I can’t see across to the hills from our bedroom, it is misty…..  and cloudy….. and dark….. WIPs On a much […]

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Knitting and WIP

Good Morning, Very busy day for me today, I have a check up at the dentists and do a bit of shopping, home for lunch and then later back out again to go to the hairdressers for a colour and a trim. Not much time left for computer work today, because I like to crochet […]

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